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Friday, 7 June 2013

Chapter 15 - A story about sleep deprivation and the 3rd resolution

I was on nights last night and as I write this its 10:30am. And no – before you ask - I don’t have some form of amazing sleep system. Since going to sleep at 6.30 I’ve been woken up by:
  1. The people opposite working on their roof (and seemingly breaking more tiles than they have actually replaced)
  2. The neighbours apparently becoming deaf and needing to watch their TV at volumes that would enable a cinema’s worth of people to be able to hear perfectly.
  3. The Bin men deciding that they need to communicate with each other using megaphone like volume
  4.  The any old iron people returning with vengeance after a low flying seagull bombed (hilariously) one of them earlier in the week (and no unfortunately I haven’t developed a telepathic link to control where they dump)
  5.  All of these things sending Milo the destroyer completely loopy
  6. Oh – and even after 8 years of working shifts – I still haven’t learnt when to stop drinking liquid overnight – meaning that I always wake up in the middle of my post nightshift slumber needing the toilet. I always try and fight getting out of bed and kind of cross my legs leaving me in a position that must look very odd – but this tactic has never been victorious and I always end up needing to get out of bed. 

So no – I haven’t slept well (something that you might have noticed is reflected in my mood). But that doesn’t matter my friends. My rant has finished. For in this short chapter I would like to reveal to you all some exciting news.

 Last week I revealed two of my resolutions to you all – and this week I’m going to reveal another. The difference being that the resolution that I’m going to reveal to you this week is an appallingly kept secret – and something that I have not been subtle about since the beginning of 10 resolutions. This – more than any other resolution is something that you can help me along the way with.

Resolution 3 – Release Album
Over the last couple of weeks it has really dawned on me how close the album is to being completed. 
This week Flik came into the studio and put down some amazing vocals – vocals that blew both Matt and I away (I was also at one point amazed to discover that I am potentially the least geeky of the 3 of us!). The point though is this – its getting really close. The drums are being done next week – and then we really are on the home stretch of the project. It’s going to be an amazing achievement when it’s done and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. But this is where you can jump in to help.
Rather than financing the release myself and fronting all of the costs – I’ve put the album out for something called “crowd funding” through a website called Kickstarter. Basically this means that people pledge to help fund a project in return for rewards. In my case – the rewards that I’m offering  (aside from my eternal gratitude)are album pre-orders, EP’s, artwork, lyric sheets – and there could also be the possibility of some very much limited edition T shirts (you’ll be pleased to know that won’t be featuring my face – but hopefully more on them to follow). So anyway – if you were already planning on getting a copy of my album (and let’s be honest – you are going to aren’t you?) then please pre-order a copy through Kickstarter.
As I write this – I’m halfway towards my target goal. It would be amazing (and I would be completely honoured) if you could help me hit my target or even go beyond it. You won’t be charged for your pledge unless I hit my target. The deadline for pledges is the 14th July – but please don’t wait until then to pledge (if nothing else than just for the sake of my sanity). Pledges start from £2. Thanks (begging over) :) And a massive thanks to those of you that have already pledged - I've been amazed by your generosity over the last week.

Now I said that this was going to be a short chapter – and comparatively it is. But before I sign off – I want to introduce you to a member of my cast list. Historically – I’ve only mentioned people that I’ve SEEN across the course of that chapter – but this week I want to speak about someone that I’ve spoken to this week – but haven’t actually seen in ages.

Hellie Brunt (HMS Bruntship)
I’ve worked with and known Hellie for years now and in some ways we have developed a sibling kind of relationship I think. We tease each other and constantly mess around but what I’ve discovered on countless occasions is that when I really need someone to talk to - she is always there for me. She was one of the first people I told about the events of chapter 9 – and I could feel her wanting to share the pain of what we had gone through. Knowing that she is always there for me to speak to is amazing – but what completely astounds me is her humility. She has no idea of what an amazing person she has become – or simply how many people she has a positive impact on through just being her. She is wise, always supportive and has the ability to gently speak truth. When others leave your side – Hellie will stand beside you fighting – she isn’t just there in the times when it is easy to be a friend.
 Hellie comes across on first glance as someone who may have consumed far too many cans of Red Bull – but once you get to know her and start stripping away the layers of her personality you start to realise that there is so much more to her than the bouncy ball outward persona. And on top of all of that – she is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever come across with the extremely rare ability to explain hard concepts in way that anyone can understand. Hellie is ace – and it’s an honour to be able to call her my friend.  
What I want to leave you with this week is a little revelation. With the album stuff going on (and whilst I was thinking about it) I started to write the inlay notes for the CD and the paragraph thanking people in my life. One paragraph became two. Two paragraphs became three. And somewhere in writing the notes I realised (once again) that I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. So thank you.
Right – I’m off to try and go back to sleep now that I’ve found some earplugs. 10 Resolutions will return as normal next week – so please send in some questions via twitter, the Facebook page or email.  Remember that you can also subscribe to 10 Resolutions using the hefty big white box at the top. Oh – and remember to pledge if you can (hint).

God Bless