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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My favourite album.....of all time

So I thought that it would be great if along the journey of my 10 resolutions I stopped off for a few little insights along the way. So last week I looked at the Oscars and my predictions for them (I’m secretly hoping that a few of you took my advice and placed a few cheeky bets....I know someone especially who made a fair bit of money from my vaguely educated guesses - not that I’ve seen any of their winnings) But anyway - today I want to talk to you about my favourite album of all time. 

As I've looked at before - music is so special because it is its own language. Music has the amazingly powerful ability to evoke memories when you hear a certain song. It cannot fail to remind you of where you were when you first heard it or of a special moment that it has attached itself to. In a piece of music you will find that memories come flooding back and the album that I want to look at has an immensely powerful hold over me.

My favourite album of all time is the debut album of a band that I’ve seen live (and they were just as amazing then). This album was recorded in a front room. Technically and production wise it is a long way from perfect but the songs contain stories of such hope and such pain....that it is impossible not to be drawn in. There are no filler tracks. Some of the tracks (make no mistake) will take longer to grab hold of you than others....but when they do....once the songs, the refrains and the melodies sink their teeth into your heart - it is impossible to let go of them.  You can feel the vocals and every single emotion that the writer is projecting and has gone through as he has written these songs. The harmonies will leave the hairs on the back of your neck stood completely on edge and whilst immensely simple at times - the music will leave you breathless and with tears in your eyes. This album may not grab you on the first take...but make no mistake it is an extraordinary record. 

Buy it here
Please take the time to give it a listen - and when you're done there...I thoroughly recommend watching the live version of my favourite track - "Round Here"

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I’ll leave you with this video. I challenge you to watch it without welling up. I (for one) found it completely inspiring.

God bless

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