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Friday, 31 May 2013

Chapter 14 - A story about zombies and resolution revelations

So here we are. The football season is over and Wigan have been relegated. Arsenal beat Sp*rs to 4th place and my dislike of Stoke City FC can happily continue as they have now appointed Mark Hughes as "manager" / chief waster of money. In other news – the new Daft Punk album has been released (and is pretty awesome) - and I spent 2 ½ hours frantically searching for my wedding ring earlier in the week only to find it in my pocket. Anyway – here we go…Chapter 14 is here. So let's get started.......

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
In the pub the other night with Mel and Kate – the question was raised What i would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Would I survive? Or would I falter quickly? Would I be one of the first wave that became a zombie? And do zombies actually have feelings? Do they retain memories like in Warm Bodies? As you can probably imagine – my mind started drifting, My conclusion is that I would probably aim to get somewhere like the Isle of Man pretty quickly. The problem is though is that if the virus is airborne the likelihood would be that we would all have it anyway and…..
Anyway – as you can see – I thought far too much about it. But do not worry…for in a clever link I’d thought about this question before…and may I present to you all now “What to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse”

Odd question – but what are you excited about at the moment?   
I’m really lucky at the moment in the fact that I have a lot to look forward to at the moment.
  1. We go on holiday next month to Cornwall and that means hanging out Wifey for a week and then towards the end of the week we get to hang out with the Fal Collective. I’ll also get to see Lands End for the first time (am I building that up too much?).
  2. The album being launched into the big wide world – but as i said – there will be more on that next week.
  3. I started getting my band and everyone ready for Rivercamp this week and the banter has already started. I’m really looking forward to us all being together again!
  4. Something that has really got me excited though is that my musical writers block has gone. I can’t describe at what moment it changed....but suddenly I’m having a constant stream of ideas flowing again. Its a relief – and I’m finding that some of the ideas that are flowing are very strongly indeed – I can’t wait to see what happens with them! What I can say though – is that there is a very odd version of a new song called “not alone” I was working on with Mel with me basically going Da Da Daaaaaa for the whole verse as i have the melody – but not the lyrics.
  5. Have I mentioned that Josh Mckee and I are now the proud owners of By His Stripes Records?
  6. Probably loads of other stuff that will hit me as soon as I’ve published this chapter!

Ok – It’s been 5 months and it’s time for a reveal. Tell us a couple of your resolutions....

Ok ok. I’ve been really resolution light over the last few chapters – perhaps because I’m ashamed to say that I’ve drifted away from a couple (although I’m beginning to get back on track). But as I said all the way back at the start – my 10 resolutions were guidelines anyway (enough with the excuses Andi....I know that’s what you’re thinking). But ok – two resolutions:

  1.  Prioritise music at home over tv, games and movies etc.
This was the first resolution that was worked out (I think credit goes to Adam Legge who got it) – and it was something that I had touched heavily upon before chapter 9. It is also one of the things that I am currently coming back to. I drifted away from it for a number of reasons I think – but it is no surprise (on reflection) that my musical writers block was combined with a time of not practising my craft. In fact – it just makes me look stupid that it hadn’t dawned on me before......But in honesty – I’ve probably needed the distraction. That’s changing now though. There are songs and da da daaaa’s brewing again....and I need to spend time investing in them. Don’t get me wrong though – sometimes it is helpful to have distractions!

  1. Lose 2 stone
Now this unsurprisingly is probably the resolution that I am failing at most. I’m no fool – and I completely realise that years of eating food that isn’t good for me (why does bad food always taste good?) and drinking an awful lot of beer hasn’t done me any favours- and I’ve already taken a few steps to counteract that trend (and lost just under ½ stone since New Year). I have no desire to turn into a fitness freak or calorie counting to the point of needing a calculator – but I’m fully aware that I need to lose some weight. I’ve touched on this across the journey so far – but I haven’t really gone too much into it because as confident as I am (or at least as confident as I might come across) I find speaking about it really hard. Which is why I’ve decided to walk the plank and rather just hint about it – I thought I’d mention it so you all know. Now what this means is that I don’t want disapproving looks when I’m eating something junky and I don’t really want to talk about it. But what I really need help with is finding some ways of getting more exercise. I hate doing stuff alone – so this is going to involve some others. I don’t mind going to the gym – but again – I don’t want to do it on my own (because I’ll be there for about 5 minutes and leave). So please – I’m open to options, suggestions or offers for me to come along and do stuff.
If anyone has an exercise bike that I can borrow – I really wouldn’t mind that (because then I can multitask by riding and watching something – or listening to something) or If anyone has a bike that I can use – that would be amazing. Announcing this resolution has also come partly because of Matt Mortlock who has been completely inspiring in his weight loss (although he has gone a bit more hardcore about it than I’ll be going......). Matt is also going to be raising money for a charity doing an 88 mile canoe ride. I’ve sponsored him. Will you as well?

The Cast List
Interestingly, I don’t really have much to say about what I’ve been up to – because I’ve actually had a really relaxed couple of weeks (whereas the next few weeks will be hectic). But in the midst of everything – I’ve had a great time with my parents and Mel coming to stay. The album has taken another step closer to completion and I spent a great evening in the pub with Kate, Mel, Hannah and Adam talking about all forms of completely random stuff (as you saw earlier). I’ve also discovered a new amazing game! So what I’m saying is that I don’t have a breakdown of everything that I’ve been up to – as you’ve just read it…..but I do have  a cast list….

Mel Allen (Mel Bear)
Mel is one the strongest people I’ve ever met. I know very few people who have gone through as much as she has anyway – but to come through everything as strong as she has and by demonstrating such faith at every turn is completely inspiring. Mel is quite a shy character – at least initially. But once she has spent some time with you another side to her will emerge. A side that loves to laugh, a side that is thoughtful beyond her years and a side that could quite happily banter away with the best of them. Mel is ace – and to top it all off she also has an amazing voice…….(she WILL be on my album…more on that to follow in the next chapter)

My Parents
I’d imagine that 99% of people would say that their parents are amazing.  And I am lucky to say that I am one of the 99%. I was certainly not the easiest child to manage whilst growing up (understatement) – and the rumours that you hear about Vicar’s sons are true (I’m proud to say that BOTH of my parental units now have REV in front of their name). In complete honesty though – I don’t think I appreciated them enough until I moved away from home – and it was at that point I think I realised just how much they had done for me and  exactly how much along the way that they had given up for me. It’s also not lost on me how much my Mum and Dad try and understand me and different things in my life (like comics). Even after so long they still want to try and understand even more about their son and will go (sometimes literally) miles out of their way to help that happen. I think the best way to describe it is that I’m humbled by them. Having them around and in my life is an honour – and I realise and appreciate that more with each day.

My Dad Dave is an avid Wigan fan and we spent a week last year travelling around the Baltics (if you ever get the chance – head to Lithuania for a weekend). He plays more instruments than me (and I can play a lot) and he can speak more languages than are used on the entirety of Barton Street (the road of many nations near my house). To my complete joy and utter amusement my Dad has also been recently getting into video games. It’s fantastic! Above all else though – I know that he is there for me – and he will always be looking out for me, constantly caring. The difference now is that we can have a beer together whilst sorting through my problems!

My mum is the most caring person I have ever come across. Selfless and compassionate – I sometimes worry that she worries and cares about others too much – and not enough about herself. As you can probably tell – I’m hugely protective of both my mum (and my sister) and they know that as well (hurt them at your peril). My mum is a fighter although not in the literal sense – and she will fight for justice when others will give up. She sounds like a superhero – and to me she is.  She also has an amazing sense of humour and will happily tease me if given the chance (I love it). She also is the baker of goods that are so nice that I am convinced they are laced with some form of drug (they are so addictive!) – but Mum if you are reading this....this is not an excuse to stop making them.....

There are loads of stories I could tell about my parents (I’m sure I’ll tell you some along the way) – but this is the one I’ve decided on for today.....
Last year – around the time that is mentioned in Chapter 1, my Mum, Dad and I went on a short car journey to see my Gran in hospital (after coming away from seeing my sister). It turned out to be one of the most revealing trips I had ever taken – and learnt more from my parents about me and my relationship with them than I had ever learnt before. It was one of my highlights of the last few years without any question.
And that is actually where I’m going to leave 10 resolutions this week. Please remember to subscribe using the white box above and to ask any questions on Twitter, email, or the Facebook page. I’ll be back next week with news of a really exciting project (something that you can help with). Right – I’m off to watch Fast and Furious 6 and to pretend that Paul Walker has learnt to act. Just before I go though – a massive congratulations to Andy Hunter and Sophie Woodbridge who are getting married at the weekend........Sophie is one of the first members of my youth group in Cheltenham - and somehow despite all of my best efforts she turned out ok. I'm amazingly proud. 

God Bless


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